About Us

Connecting Entrepreneurs Through Building Relationships

about_imgEPNET is a business building organization that specializes in bringing businesses together by building relationships. It is really that simple. We help build solid business relationships to help grow your business and bottom-line. We help you build those relationships by hosting networking events, seminars, workshops and retreats.

The experience we give our attendees is one that is friendly, warm, interactive and fun because we want you to feel like family when you are at an EPNET experience. In addition, at the end of the year, we are the only organization that just doesn’t “talk about” recognizing and appreciating entrepreneurs, we show it through our Legacy Award Ball where we honor 12-14 entrepreneurs who are leaving a living legacy. We are now in our 11th successful year of connecting and building business relationships for entrepreneurs and professionals.

Why does EPNET do what we do?

EPNET’s President and Founder of EPNET, Theresa Royal Brown, owns an event planning company specializing in conferences, workshops, retreats and gala dinners. Her husband, Charles Brown, who is the Vice President, is a part-time business owner as well as he has a full time job. Between the two of them, they understand both sides of entrepreneurship – the full-time and part-time side.

When Theresa first started this business in 2006, she was tired of not being able to find events or conferences that were local and affordable that she could connect with like-minded people, not only to get leads for her business, but sometimes she just needed to be in the room with other business owners that she was able to relate to, bounce ideas off of and knew they understood the “grind” of being a business owner.

Since no one else was offering that type of organization, she decided to start it and EPNET was formed.

People like to do business with people they know, like and trust and networking is the best way to build relationships and ink business deals right on the spot. Make no mistake, business deals and connections are made at EVERY EPNET event. Therefore we invite you to come grow your business and your bottom-line with us.