N’Teasha Brownlee

N’Teasha Brownlee is the owner of Be Relaxed Destinations, LLC as well as proud veteran of the US Navy. She served her country for 12 years and during her service she discovered her passion for travel. When she reentered civilian life, she couldn’t stop dreaming of new ports of call, visiting cultural landmarks, exploring world wonders, and experiencing thrilling adventures. She had a burning desire to share her love of travel with the world, so decided to start her company; Be Relaxed Destinations, LLC. She has earned multiple certifications to include, Luxury Travel Specialist and Accredited Cruise Counselor. In additional to being a business owner, she is lifetime member of Women Veterans Interactive and is passionate about staying active in the Veteran community. She currently resides on Andrews AFB, MD and can be contacted at (866) 907-6694 or email her at nteasha@berelaxeddestination.

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