On May 22, 2013, EPNET launched a new global initiative called EPNET5000 which is based on principles from the bible in which everyone is able to work together, collaborate and build together so everyone eats. This initiative was started to help resuscitate the economy, transform business relationships and expand the job market through entrepreneurship.

Mr. Les Brown, Worldwide Corporate Motivational Speaker and Best-Selling Author helped ignite a passion in the entrepreneurs who attended the launch event and provided tips on “How to Go From Entrepreneur to Enterprise to Create Multi-Generational Wealth.”

EPNET’s decision to spearhead this campaign is backed by the company mission to encourage collaboration and synergy among business owners. We believe that in order for small business owners to take their business to the top, there has to be a partnership across business entity lines. To make this initiative successful, EPNET has decided to branch out into different areas of the country first in an effort to initiate and nurture strong business-to-business relationships. We will then start to do this on a global reach.

The cities on the 10-City EPNET5000 Tour are: MD/DC/VA/Charlotte, NC/New York/Philadelphia, PA/Chicago, IL/Tampa,FL/Atlanta, GA/St. Louis, MO/Dallas, TX/Los Angeles, CA

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