Maynard Manzano

Maynard Manzano was born in Cali, Colombia, South America in 1962, one of six brothers and sisters. After successfully completing high school, he came to the United States at the age of 18. He learned and studied electronic instrumentation at a vocational school and later on at Nassau Community College in NY. In addition to his academic education he is committed to a lifelong learning strategy, taking courses regularly in business, personal development and health.

While working as a senior technician in a Communications company in NY, he made the choice in 1989 to move to Washington, D. C. to become a partner in a camera repair business. When this business failed after three years, he undertook studies in photography, an area of interest he always loved. While studying photography, he joined American Glamour, a traveling photography firm.

In the meantime, he established his own business in 1992, Manzano Enterprises a freelance photography service. When his former company ceased to operate their business in the region, he applied the same business model to do traveling glamour photography. After financial hardships and difficulties, the business survived thanks to temporary financial credit assistance from a relative. The business entity later became Magic Glamour Photography which changed from a traveling company to an established business in a commercial establishment in Baltimore, Maryland. Today, Magic Glamour, is a productive and successful photography and graphic business based in the Mall at Forestville in Maryland since 1998.

Maynard is the epitome of a resilient entrepreneur. When hardships arose, he thought a different way, he did different things and adjusted his business model. Because of his tenacity and resilience, he has been able to bounce back stronger than before.

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