Will the “Quality” Connections Please Stand Up? Quality Vs. Quantity…

There are those who are still skeptical about the power of networking and how it can positively impact the profitability of your business. Lets talk about the benefits of nurturing those quality connections.

Making connections in business is the way to ensure success. We don’t mean just any old connections though, we mean quality connections. These are the kind of connections with people who can offer you something essential to your business or yourself.

Far from the misconception that business is ‘what you know’; it is probably more likely to be “who you know” or rather “who knows you” that matters. Any business that seeks to be successful must make connections to others who have relevant knowledge and experience to help them. Not only this, but knowing the right people can be a real benefit to your business.

The importance of networking for any business is one of mutual benefit. You need to build relationships that can be maintained through constant give and take. A good business connection should be like a great marriage with both parties offering something worthwhile to the relationship. We all make personal connections in our everyday personal lives, and we choose friends that we can trust and rely on when things get tough. We really should be doing the same for our business lives too, as the connections we make in business can affect our success and ultimately our private lives as well.

What we know at Entrepreneurs and Professionals Network (EPNet) is that making connections in business isn’t just about how many people you know, it’s about making the best connections with people. It is about cultivating and creating, lasting relationships that offer not just a step up on the business ladder. These business connections are those that turn into real solid friendships.

It is easy to connect to others via the internet. The use of social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook has allowed us to do this from the comfort of our own homes, any time of day. Remember though that nothing beats moving round a room with like-minded people and making the beginnings of mutually beneficial relationships.

Tips for forming your network:

  • Take every opportunity to connect with others
  • Attend networking events; they can be a gold mine of connections and is less daunting than meeting individuals one-on-one
  • Invite others to lunch or for coffee, it will allow you the opportunity to chat and discuss business in a relaxed atmosphere
  • Try to ensure your connections are long term ones. It can allow trust to build, making it more beneficial to both of you
  • Help others make connections. Offer introductions between others, you never know who they may introduce you to

The benefits of networking can become clear when you are searching for a valuable service for your business. It can make the process of finding trustworthy partners and people if they are recommended to you by others you know.

At www.epnetonline.com we offer business owners the opportunity to find quality connections through networking events, workshops and gatherings. We are dedicated to ensuring that all our members create and maintain quality and successful networking connections to help them make a success of their business. For more information visit www.epnetonline.com today.

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